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Underwater Kinetics 44653

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Underwater Kinetics

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Underwater Kinetics - Light Cannon eLED. Model UK44653. Measures 7 5/8" overall. 825 lumens. Safety Yellow tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction. The beam is wide enough for scanning the reef at night or exploration of the interior of a wreck. Features a pair of water cooled high intensity LEDs delivering over 10 watts of power; Lumen Booster allows LEDs to operate even brighter underwater than in air with UK''s unique LED water cooling design; High color temperature gives the beam the same color as sunlight; Two power settings allow for either extreme brightness or extra battery life (full and half-power switch); Electronic control maintains constant brightness throughout battery charge; Non-breakable locking switch prevents accidental activation; Dovetail slot for either pistol or lantern grip as well as video arm and rubber lens cover absorbs shock to prevent breakage. Waterproof: up to 500ft./150m. Runtime: u to 9 hours. Uses 8 C batteries (included) or optional rechargeable battery pack (not included).

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