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Walkers Game Ears 41103

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Walkers Game Ears

$146.57 (41%)

Walkers Game Ear - Power Muff Camo Quads + AFT: Model WGE-41103. Increases hearing up to nine times with 50 dB of power. Protects hearing by using sound activated compression (SAC) circuit to protect from harmful muzzle blasts by reducing the amplification of loud sounds to a safe level. Noise reduction rating of 24 dB. Adjustable frequency tuning (AFT) allows the user to focus on specific sound frequencies for crystal clear reception in any situation. Two independent volume controls allow for total adjustment of the four wind-resistant high frequency microphones delivering true surround sound making it easier for the user to identify and locate sounds. Camouflage finish. Hardshell briefcase style protective storage/carrying case. Made in USA.

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